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Sunday, May 28th, 2006
7:39 pm - Vain Come Lately

This is very, very late, but I really have been at a loss on what to do for you, djin7. So~ I took the easy way out. ^^;;; Currently, it would be quite impossible for me to work on a fic and there's not much else I'm good at, so I made you an I.O.U. a coupon:

This is valid for one fic / poem of your choosing. You choose the plot, fandom, setting, length--hell, you can even choose the font color. It's all for you. ^.~

The only catches are that it can only be handed in after the July 7th (because I should have time to actually write then) and that I have to be familiar with the fandom (for obvious reasons).

Oh, and thank you for everything.

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Thursday, May 25th, 2006
11:12 am - Now that the medals are in...

Congratulations to everybody on an excellent first snarry_games!

I've just sent djin7 an invite to join this community, but please unlock your posts when you can so that everybody can share in the SNARRY OLYMPICS MODERATOR LOVE! *g*

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2:06 am - Thank You!

I've had writer's block for the last couple of weeks. It's been awful - really. But I had to do something for my bestest beta to thank her for inviting me to join this wonderful event.

So this is it. I wrote it tonight using a bunny I found in my 'bunny folder' and forcing it to multiply. It's not beta'd for obvious reasons. What it lacks in, well - everything, I hope it makes up for in sincerity. Your dedication has been inspiring.

A Day at the Beach
By MontanaDan for djin7 with love and appreciation for all of her hard work and headaches and hardly any whining.
Rated: NC-17

Mindless smut and fluffCollapse )

With much love and hugs (and chocolate),

current mood: anxious

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Monday, May 22nd, 2006
1:14 am

For you,djin7 a little missive...Collapse )

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Saturday, May 20th, 2006
10:43 am - Thank You!

Just wanted to say thank you for all your fantastic work on this com, for organising the events and teams so well, and for keeping up our olympic spirit.

Team romance poem:

Severus loved Harry,
They got on with the Snarry;
And even though they fought,
And oft got overwrought,
They lived happily ever after in a palace with all their friends and ten children and lots of puppies and kittens and rainbows...

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Friday, May 19th, 2006
12:55 pm -

So the end of the Olympics came at avery bad time for me, such that I haven't had the chance to draw you anything as a thank you gift - which you undoubtedly deserve! It was an honour to be a mod-in-name-only, even if I didn't do anything, haha! Never have I felt so emotionally and gleefully invested in a fest - the concept was amazing, and your consistent good cheer and wonderful encouragement have enabled the writers to write some of the best Snarry in the entire fandom. All in the space of a couple of months. Wow. :D

Thank you for all your hard work, I'm really looking forward to a possible Art Olympics!!

~Lizard ♥

current mood: bouncy

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9:48 pm - With Thanks

djin7, the amount of hard work and love you've put into making the inaugural snarry_games such a success is astounding.

loupgarou1750 and I were writing a little something together for you, but unfortunately Loup's computer has fritzed. Even though it's not ready in time, we just wanted to thank you for the Games - they were heaps of fun!

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Tuesday, May 16th, 2006
8:40 am - My Olympic Experience

I could start talking now, and speak until the end of time, and never be able to say enough good things about our friendly neighborhood Mod, djin7.  Instead, I put together a little journal about the experience from my POV.
Thanks to all of you!

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Monday, May 15th, 2006
4:10 am - Thank you, Djin...

djin7, thank you so much for all you've done over the past few weeks, including having to hear some of us (*looks guilty*) fret about finishing our stories. :D Thank you for your patience, and for your cheerleading, and for all of the very hard work you've put into organizing and motivating this event.

So for you, I wrote a little epilogue for my snarry_games fic because I just couldn't shake the idea of Snape as a grandfather. *G*

Title: Nobody, Not Even The Rain
Author: Femme (femmequixotic)
Rating: PG
Summary: Severus babysits.

Pride and lust, Severus was certain, would one day be his downfall.Collapse )

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Sunday, May 14th, 2006
11:36 am - Filksong for Djin7

Thank you for all the hard work and hassles, and for giving us dozens of nifty new Snarry stories! (Especially since so many of them are HBP compliant--I don't have to keep mentally changing Dumbledore to McGonnegal in the post-war fics!)

I wanted to write you a crack!fic using all 22 prompts, but I burned out at about 13 (and it wasn't that funny; trust me). But it wasn't working, so I came up with this instead

Title: That's A Snarry
Tune: That's Amore

That's A SnarryCollapse )

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9:22 am - Thanks!

Thanks so much djin7 for all your hard work. A present should have arrived in your email by now. Let me know if you don't have it.

You and everyone else involved did a great job. The Snarry Olympics was a great concept and I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed reading all the wonderful stories we've gotten in the last few weeks.

Thanks again!

current mood: pleased

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6:03 am - To djin, love Red

Iconage for my djin7

I love you so much! I really do. You are the best ever beta...and the bestest ever buddy ole pal ole loverly djin.


Roy/Ed Iconage I promised you yonks ago.Collapse )

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2:12 am - With thanks...

djin7: thank you so much for creating and organizing the snarry_games. Your efforts to the cause of Bringing More Snape/Harry into the World (tm) are more appreciated than you could know. {{hugs}}

Oh, and strangely enough, this is not crack!fic (no, I don't know what happened either). No warnings, though. Trust me, if there should have been one, there would have been one - except...let's just say I'd maybe be earning points for Team Angst with this one.

(Many thanks to femmequixotic for the speedy beta)

Lost and Found
by Beth H
© May 2006

'There is a moment of horror in that instant when a person understands for the first time what losing somebody forever is really going to mean.'Collapse )

Bonus: the drabble which sparked-but-is-no-longer-very-related-to this story.Collapse )

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Friday, May 12th, 2006
9:35 am - For djin7

Before I knew of Snarry
(in dark, dark days of yore)
My life was dull and dreary,
and fanfic was a bore.

But then I came upon a fandom
So magical, sublime!
And in this fandom, PEOPLE
With the same damn kinks as mine!!

djin7, I just want to send you thanks
For doing all that you do
I join with all the Snarry-lovers to say,
"I couldn't get off without you!!"

Thanks djin7!!!

current mood: thankful

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9:03 am

Nothing but the finest verse to acknowledge djin7's hard work on this!

On to the tribute!Collapse )

Djin, I know this doesn't make up for being late with my fic ;( but I just wanted to say I really appreciate the work you put into this really complicated many-body problem, and how wonderful all the new stories have been! {{hugs}}

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Thursday, May 11th, 2006
7:28 pm - Thank you, Djin!!!!

Hi Djin!

Thank you so much for the tremendous job you did creating and running this amazing fest! You've really given something wonderful to the Snarry ship that will last for a very long time! I had an absolute blast being a part of it (despite the whinging!) and I'm SOOOO glad you invited me to participate. Thank you!!!

(P.S. And I'm SOOOO sorry I was so late with my fic!)

Here is a thank-you present for you - I am going to say it's NOT WORKSAFE, just to be on the safe side.

Snape and Harry: Thank you Djin for getting us laid!!!Collapse )


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8:25 pm - Snarry Olympics Drinking Game

To say thanks to djin7 for all her whip cracking hard work on the Snarry Olympics, teams of Selfless Researchers have created this Snarry Olympics Drinking Game. After extensive, exhaustive drinking field testing your Selfless Researchers have determined that this drinking game works best with Cabana Boy rum, any flavor.

1. Immediately take a shot ifCollapse )

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2:02 am - Since everyone's writing crack!fics...

Title: Post-Game Practice
Author: ziasudra_fic
Characters: Snape, Harry
Rating: Somewhere around the PG mark
Summary: Ziasudra's attempt at answering the questions: 1) Why did Snape and Harry agree to do the snarry_games? 2) Now that the games are over, what will our heroes do next?
Disclaimer: Not mine, just playing with them.

A/N: A huge THANK YOU to djin7 and the mods of snarry_games. The success of the Games is a reflection of all your hard work and love for the Snarry part of fandom. I feel so honored to have been part of the games.

This is what Snape and Harry do for their day job...Collapse )

current mood: cracked

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Wednesday, May 10th, 2006
9:19 pm - En remerciement

Title: The Room of Requirement
Author: Josan (josanpq)
Date: May 10, 2006
Rating: Pretty PG, by Canadian standards
Disclaimer: The HP characters belong to J. K. Rowling: I merely borrow
them to play with before returning them to her.
Co-conspirators: aliciamasters and reddwarfer for the stalker details; bethbethbeth for catching the typos and making the recommendations.

AN: This is a little metafic written for djin7 in appreciation for the time, effort and labour that went into the snarry_games.

On to the metafic!Collapse )

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2:52 am - Crackfic for my Crackhead.

Title: How To Be A Seme in Ten Easy Steps.
Characters: Harry, Ed, and surprise.
Warnings: Crack, I guess.
AN: I love you, hon. So much. :D You did wonderfully, start to finish.

There's no way I'm rolling over for Roy forever.Collapse )

current mood: creative

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